The "community"

Our community is for those that desire to live the swinger lifestyle. It is for those that not only want to have sex with other people but to socialize and befriend them as well. We are primarily looking for couples but do accept singles as well. Our community is not for everyone. There is an application process to become a member. It is not an easy or 'fair' process as we are choosing people we really want to spend extended time around.  There is a membership fee to be a member. It is $49.99 for DarkenFreaky

In our community, we accept people regardless of their sexual preference (so that means bi men and women are allowed and can be at any of our parties), race, religion, age or weight/shape. What we are looking for are those that we consider sexy/attractive and that are social sexual deviants.. We will want to talk with you on video call/conference as a part of that application process. There are some parties you can come to without being a member, just use the appropriate links below.

We are not fond of those that cheat, if you are married and 'swinging' without your spouse, we are not the group for you.

What does it mean to live "darkenfreaky" (dark and freaky)? That is about living life with passion, in full acceptance of who you are and what you want. It is about enjoying all the pleasures around you and those that bring them to you. This is not just a sexual reference it is about life. Passion in your job, in your family life, your friends or even your religion. The things that bring you happiness or a feeling of fulfillment should be what you classify as living DarkenFreaky. No one should have to hide who or what they are or have to apologize for it. We are encouraging everyone to look at life the way we do. And if you are really about that then maybe you will want to be apart of what we are doing sexually as well. Something we project with the pictures and video we post to our social media and website.

So, are you living DarkenFreaky?

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Happy Swinging!